My winter essentials!

So, I think it’s definitely safe to say that winter has arrived. The nights have drawn in and the weather has turned bitterly cold, which is only another reason to stay in bed all day. These products make life bearable during these cold gloomy months, and make me want to go outside and enjoy this weather!

1. Doctor Marten boots

blk dr marten

These boots are literally THE best winter shoes ever. I mean ever. They’re waterproof, sturdy, warm, and look good. What’s not to like? I have a patent black pair, as well as a matte navy pair and can honestly say they’re the most reliable shoes I’ve ever worn, and they last for ages! I’ve had my navy pair for over 2 years now, and there’s nothing wrong with them at all. They’re perfect for walking on snow and ice, and although a little pricey (starting at £90), they’re definitely worth it!

2. Vintage sweaters


I went through a phase last year (when I first got my student loan) where I wasobsessed with vintage sweaters. I have around 7/8 now and they’re perfect to wear under any coat! If you live in and around Cardiff, there’s a lovely little vintage shop called Vintage Hobos that sell lot’s of random sweaters for £10-£15. If not, there’s always Urban Outfitters and eBay!

3. Parka – Topshop


This coat is my staple, go to, everyday lifesaver. It’s warm yet light, a perfect parka length that half covers your bum, and has lovely pleather elbow patches. I have it in navy as I feel navy is less harsh on paler skin tones, such as my own, but is still a versatile colour that goes with practically everything. Parkas are practical yet stylish, a win-win!

4. Tarten scarf – H&M

scarfTartan is EVERYWHERE this season! Even if you’re a bit scared to go for the tartan trouser, a scarf is a must have! I got mine last year from H&M and I’m not sure if they still sell them, but they have lot’s of them on the high street at the moment in Primark, New Look, Topshop etcetera. They’re so easy to wear, and any one call pull them off!

5. L’occitane handcream


This stuff is a lifesaver. It’s been voted the best hand cream 3 years in a row, and at £8 for the handy travel size, it really is worth it! I keep mine in my bag and put it on just before I go outside or if my hands feel rough during the day. They do lots of different flavours, and I currently have the Christmas scent from last year (showing 30ml really does last a long time!), but my person favourite is cherry blossom.

6.  Carmex lipbalm

cherry lipbalm

This lipbalm is the strongest, most protective, most soothing lipbalm I’ve tried, and I’ve tried everything! From Vaseline, to Nivea, to Burties Bees, to Blistex, but this is still the lipbalm i’ll go back to time and time again. My favourite flavour is cherry, but they have it in original, mint and strawberry. It soothes your lips if they’re a bit sore and really tingles, so you can feel it working, and protects them from becoming more chapped as well as moisterising them. Amazing!

7. Seventeen’s mirror shine lipstick – Boots


I have this lipstick in Scrumptious, which is a rich, deep purple that is perfect for winter. Don’t be put off by the dark colour! It’s very subtle, and is almost like a tinted lip balm. It isn’t drying that some long lasting lipsticks can be, which is amazing for the cold, harsh winter winds. It’s perfect to make a statement in the daytime, or to finish off a night time look, and every girl should own a plum/dark red lipstick for winter/christmas time!

These would also make some lovely Christmas presents if you’re struggling for ideas! They’re sure to make your days a little more brighter and warmer during these cold harsh months!

Thanks for reading!

– Em x


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