Blog challenge – Day two

20 facts about you

1. My middle name is Kathleen
2. I hate the feel of cotton wool
3. I’m (slightly) allergic to kiwi fruit
4. I study media, culture and journalism at the Atrium, Cardiff
5. I have a boyfriend who I’ve been with for around 14 months
6. My favourite animals are cats and any sea creature, especially jellyfish
7. My favourite food is anything Mexican, especially fajitas!
8. I love anything that’s Hello Kitty (sad, i know)
9. I work at TGI Friday’s
10. I’m obsessed with weird and spooky things
11. Halloween is my favourite time of year
12. My mother found my name (Emily) after reading a story about a ghost with the same name
13. I have a strange and crippling obsession with eyebrows! I am ALWAYS fussing over mine, they are the bane of my life
14. I have three cats named Mikey, Kitty and James
15. My hobbies are make up, writing blog posts, watching films, eating and going out with my friends
16. I’ve known my best friend for 6/7 years and we currently share a student house together
17. I hate mushrooms and tomatoes
18. My favourite alcoholic drink is Malibu! (I think I’m the only girl who’s experiences of it haven’t been ruined by downing a bottle when I was 14)
19. My favourite smell is coconut. I wear coconut perfume daily and all my shower products are coconut flavour!
20. I aspire to become a respected journalist, hopefully through blogging, and I hope to make a long and successful career from it.

Thanks for reading!
– Em x


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