Tangle Teezer review!

tangle teaser teezer tease purple glitter detangling brush reiew (2)

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to review THE BEST BRUSH IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!

As you can probably tell, I really really really(!) love this brush! My hair is 2/3 of the way down my back, so as you can imagine, it’s extremely hard to manage, especially in the winter when it becomes dry and windswept. This brush is literally a god send for people with hair like me, for people with short course hair, for people with children who have long hair, and for people with hair in general. Honestly, it’s amazing.


This brush has ‘specially-designed teeth [that] flex just the right amount to minimise tugging while smoothing the cuticle’, which equals a pain-free, quick detangling experience! My hair used to take a good 10 minutes to brush when wet, but with the help of this brush, it takes around 2-3! It has literally changed my life – when I purchased this brush I was so fed up with my tangly hair that I was going to cut it all off, but I’m so glad I didn’t now! It fits really nicely in your hand, making it really easy to use while blow-drying and styling. It’s also said to add shine to your hair the more you brush it, as well as reducing fly-aways.

It would also be amazing for any mothers whose children have long hair. When I was small, I had bum length hair and HATED it being brushed, and my mother hated doing it too! With this brush, I really think it can make the whole process completely pain free. I can’t say enough good things about it, everyone needs one!

They come in lot’s of different colours and are available from Boots in the UK for £10.99.

Thanks for reading!

– Em x


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