The BEST and WORST drugstore nail polishes

Ohhhhh nail polish! It’s possibly the most versatile, flexible beauty product you can ever wear! There’s no need to worry about skin tone, age of the skin or skin type when choosing a nail polish colour, you just simple choose the colour you like the most, or one that matches your outfit. It’s the one true accessory you can share with your friends and not worry about gross infections (for the most part!).

I have bought A LOT of nail polishes over the years, so today I wanted to give you my opinion on the best and worst you can find in your local drugstore.

The best: 


1. Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect – The best drugstore nail polish I have ever used. Ever. They colours are extremely vivid and shiny – the colour pay off is amazing! It applies like a dream and doesn’t chip for a good 4/5 days, which is amazing for us lazy girls! I can’t say enough good things about this polish and is literally my go-to make when I fancy a new shade! I recommend the colours Guava and Blood Orange. 


2. Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy – These are so fun! They come with a very shiny, long wearing nail polish colour and a holographic glitter top coat. I have these in Moon Dust and Galactic and they create lovely nebula-looking nails. They’re so easy to use and so effective! The only downside to these is the amount of product you get for the £7.99 price tag. I wish they were bigger bottles!



3. Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish – These are great for beginners! They come with a large brush that spreads when you place it on your nails, creating a 1 stroke motion. They dry extremely quickly as well, leaving you to get on with your day! They’re very easy to use, reasonably priced, very shiny and well wearing, and come in lots of different colours. I have tried almost all of these, but I would recommend Shocker or Coralicious. 

The worst:


4. Seventeen magnetised – This isn’t really a dig at Seventeen, because they one of my all time favourite brands. Their make up is so cheap and is almost as good as the real deal! This is more of a dig at the magnetic polishes in general, of which I tried Seventeens version. Its rubbish. You have to hold the magnet over the wet nail polish to create a kind-of visible pattern. It’s not that amazing, and how are you supposed to do two coats? It takes forever, as you have to hold the magnet for about 30 seconds over each nail. Boring! The polish itself is pretty good, but this magnetic hype is just rubbish. 


5. Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine  – This stuff is actually terrible. It goes on lovely, and has an amazing high-shine quality, but it chips almost immediately. I wore this polish in Bleu Fabuleux, which is lovely dark blue shade. I painted my nails in the night before I went to bed, and after showering in morning, my whole thumb had chipped off! It claims it holds up to 7 days but it really doesn’t! Very disappointing.

sinful colors

6.Sinful Colors – These aren’t actually too bad for the £1.99 price tag, but I felt they weren’t good enough to be considered one of the best. The colour pay off on these polishes are pretty bad. You have to paint at least three coats to get the colours to show up, and with that many layers it becomes thick on your nail and just cracks off. They also take a really long time to dry, making it IMPOSSIBLE to do anything for at least 45 minutes, unless you want to risk smudging your nails.

barry m sequin

7. Barry M Sequin nail effects – I have no words for how horrible this nail polish is. I was so disappointed as I love Barry M. I was expecting this to be a shiny polish with the sequins and glitter speckled evenly throughout. HOW WRONG I  WAS. It’s actually one of those ‘leather look’ polishes, but that was not made clear ANYWHERE when I bought it. It’s so horrible, it’s very bumpy and grainy, has not got any shine, and is so thick and gloopy that you can peal it off almost straight away. Such a waste of money!

I hope you will find this helpful when deciding on which drugstore nail polish to buy and let me know your opinions on some of theses brands!

Thanks for reading!

– Em x


One thought on “The BEST and WORST drugstore nail polishes

  1. Oh i don’t rate the Barry M gelly shine. I bought 6 at once as I loved the colours, but I think they apply too thick.

    Tried rimmel 60 second yesterday but unimpressed. it’s touch dry for me and as much as the brush is great it’s too short so you end up applying more. I think miss sporty use the same brush but it’s longer.

    I still need to try that moon candy!

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