Battle of the Primers: Baby Skin vs The POREfessional

Baby Skin primer by Maybelline seems to the all the rage at the moment, so, of course, I jumped right on that hype bandwagon and rode it all the way to Boots to purchase a tube. Its been claimed that its a great Porefessional by Benefit dupe, which is literally my holy grail primer that never lets me down, and I will go back to time and time again (excuse the sample size tube of Porefessional).

photo 1 (5)

So, they’re both 22ml and with Baby Skin being £7.99 and Porefessional being £24.50, it’s literally a third of the price. The packaging of Baby Skin is really adorable, with similar colours to the Porefessional – coincidence? I THINK NOT!


My first impressions of Baby Skin were actually really good – the two primers are very similar in consistency and they both make your foundation glide on like a dream, although Baby Skin is completely transparent as opposed to the nude shade of Porefessional (which I don’t really think makes a difference anyway). Baby Skin does cover my pores, but, at a third of the price, you can expect some aspects to be not quite the same as its more expensive cousin. 

The staying power of Baby Skin is somewhat disappointing. It doesn’t last nearly as long as the Porefessional, revealing pores about half way through the day. Saying that though, for the price, it actually is pretty good. I would recommend both of these primers for oily skin, as they really do keep your make up in place all day.

Thanks for reading!

– Em x


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