The Liebster Award!

Hey everyone! So I have been nominated for The Liebster Award by the incredible paintedpretty01! She has an amazing blog with reviews on the latest products and lots of other great content, seriously guys, go and check out her blog!


So, The Liebster Award is made for blogs with a small number of followers, and helps you discover new blogs that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen! It’s such a great idea, but there are some rules:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you
2. You must answer the 11 questions given my the person who nominated you
3. You must nominate 11 of your favourite blogs and give them 11 of your own questions to answer
4. You can’t nominate back the person who nominated you … and finally …
5. Make sure you let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them by sending them a message!

On to the questions asked by paintedpretty01…

1. Who is your style/beauty icon?

– I don’t have one particular icon as such, but I do admire a lot of celebrities styles. I LOVED Miley Cyrus (before she cut her hair off) and he sort of hipster style. I really like hipster/skater/grunge styles, so anyone like that I guess!

2. Diamonds or pearls?

– Probably peals! I don’t really know why I just think I prefer them.

3. Do you have any goals for your blog in 2014?

– I really want to have weekly/monthly features such as monthly favourites or Moany Mondays or something of the like! I also would really like to promote my blog further and get it more well-known, as well as discover other beauty blogs that will inspire me further!

4. False hair, nails and eyelashes – do you wear them and what are your faves?

– I actually wear none of these! If I had to choose one to wear though, I would choose fake nails as I bite my own nails (terrible, I know) and would love to pretend that I have long nails!

5. What is your favourite way to pamper and spoil yourself?

– I definitely am a shopaholic, so buying the latest product or some new clothes is one way in which I like to spoil myself! Another one would be food, I am a huge food lover so a well cooked meal or even a take away is a great treat.

6. Would you rather only wear dresses or jeans for the rest of your life? 

– This is a tough one! I think if I HAD to choose, I would pick jeans as I wear them almost everyday for uni, but I imagine it could become quite problematic on nights out and in the summer!

7. Which beauty product are you most obsessed with and can’t stop buying?

– For me it’s got to be foundations. I have acne prone oily skin, so finding a good foundation that covers my spots and scars as well as staying on all day is quite a challenge, so I’m always looking for new products to try!

8. Describe your perfect date!

– My perfect date would be going somewhere such as an aquarium or a zoo in the day time, then going out for a meal in the evening, then going home and chilling out with lots of junk food!

9. Do you prefer Summer or Winter and why? 

– I think it’s going to have to be summer! I’m a cold person and I’m cold 99% of the time, so I love the sun being out and actually feeling warm for once! I also love summer clothes and sunglasses and just that general happy summer vibe.

10. What song really get’s you in the mood for a fun night?

– I have so many of these songs! At the moment I’d have to say Will.I.Am and Miley Cyrus – Feelin’ Myself, but any latest chart club song really makes me want to go out!

11. Do you have any must-have phone apps?

– Apart from the obvious Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, I’d have to say my Nike Fuelband app, as well as my WordPress app!

Now for my questions!

1. What was the first make up product you ever owned and how old were you?

2. How would you describe your style?

3. What is/was your favourite subject in school?

4. Do you have any siblings?

5. If you could have any hair colour and type in the world, what would it be?

6. Blue eyes or brown eyes?

7. What’s the name of your current favourite blush?

8. If you had to choose between TV or music, which would it be?

9. Are you a neat or messy person?

10. Sweet or savoury?

11. If you had to pick one make up brand to buy ALL products from, which would it be?

I would like to nominate:

rachelwilliams94, littlebitsoph, izziekiki, Snap.That.Curvy.Girl, amymckenna , thatindianchick, sarahlovesmakeup, confessionsoftheperfectmom, beautybyjoannahaire, beautyandotherstories and last but not least, kiara2528.

I hope my nominations find this as fun as I did!

Thanks for reading!

– Em x

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