Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks

These lipsticks have been raved about pretty much everywhere recently, and I mentioned them in my 2014 wish list as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I can honestly say that I finally understand! At a cheeky £5.49 these lipsticks are an absolute steal. 


I purchased the shade 20 in the long-lasting range (black packaging), and 110 in the matte range (red packaging). They smell like watermelon, and I have seen some people complain about it but I actually really like it! They’re very moisturising, and long-lasting and the pigmentation is just amazing. 


Shade 20 is very bright pink which is a striking contrast on my pale skin, although I imagine it would look incredible on darker skins as well. It’s very easy to wear for a bright colour, and is perfect for spring! 


Shade 110 is a hot orange/red, which again is very bold against my pale skin. This shade has been raved about a lot online, and is another perfect bright shade for spring/summer.

Overall these lipsticks are AMAZING for the very small price! My only complaint about them would be the lack of names! Having a number instead of a name is just so boring and uncreative, but that really is just a nit picky comment! The colour range is incredible and there really is a shade for everyone is these lipsticks. 

– Em x 


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