Naked 2 palette review

I know I’m extremely late again with reviewing this product, but as I’m still anxiously waiting to purchase Naked 3, I thought I would tell you all about this one to distract myself until I finally get it. This is another amazing nude palette that has all the colours you need for neutral day-time looks, to bold and daring night-time looks.



This palette contains 12 taupe hued shades that range from matte, to shimmer, to glitter. It also comes with a double ended shadow/crease ‘Good Karma’ brush which seamlessly applies and blends all of the shadows in this palette. As well as this, you get a small Lip Junkie Lipgloss in the shade Naked, which is a plumping gloss. It has a slight minty smell and does seem to make your lips more voluptuous, and certainly is a lovely neutral ‘your-own-lips-but-better’ shade. It’s rather sticky though, but this seems to make it slightly more long-lasting. On to the shadows!


  • Foxy – This shade is a really lovely matte cream shade, that is perfect for using as a highlight for the brow bone if you’re going for a less striking look. It’s also lovely as a blending shade if you’re going for a paler, soft eye.
  • Half Baked – This exact shade was also featured in the original Naked palette, and even though I love this colour, I am disappointed that it was duplicated rather than creating a new golden brown. It’s a very pigmented shimmery gold shade that is not orange at all, and really compliments every skin tone and eye colour. It’s perfect to create a brown smoky eye.
  • Bootycall – This is a lovely pink champagne shade that contains a really small amount of glitter, and is the perfect shimmery highlighter. It’s very complimentary on lighter skin tones, but I feel it could look a little frosty on darker skins.
  • Chopper – This shade is a very glittery sort of rusty pink that is really pigmented. It is very bold so I would say it’s more of a night-time shade, but could be blended out to make a gorgeous day time look. I feel this would really suit olive toned skins.


  • Tease – This is a really amazing matte taupe-brown shade, and this is my go-to crease colour. It creates amazing depth and is really amazing to blend out, and especially makes my blue eyes pop. It’s a great neutral blending shade as well.
  • Snakebite – This is shimmery dark brown shade, that I would use to create a brown smoky eye. It’s has a slight shimmer and is perfect for dramatic night-time looks. This is also a nice shade to line your eyes in the day time, if you find black is a bit too harsh on your skin tone.
  • Suspect – This is a sort of dirty sand colour that has a slight shimmer, and blends almost seamlessly with Snakebite. Another perfect shade for creating a smoky eye, or to blend out all over the lid for a subtle daytime look.
  • Pistol – This dark grey shade is ideal for creating a classic smoky eye, and has a very slight amount of shimmer. It especially makes brown eyes pop, and can be used as a really dramatic crease colour.


  • Verve – This is my absolute favourite shade in this palette! It’s a lovely pale silver with a small amount of shimmer, and I find that it really opens up my eyes and makes me looks extremely awake and dewy. It’s gorgeous for special events and nighttime, and can even be used as a really dramatic tear duct highlight.
  • YDK – This dark dirty brown has very chunky pieces of glitter in it, making it a bit unsuitable for the day time. It’s gorgeous though, and would be perfect as an all over lid colour for a night out.
  • Busted – This is pretty similar to Snakebite, but it’s a more cool-toned brown. Great amount of shimmer, and amazing for those with warm skin tones to creating that striking bold look.
  • Blackout – An incredibly pigmented matte black. Perfect for very dramatic eye looks, or as a liner, and for making those really bold smoky eye looks. The only problem with this shadow is as it’s so pigmented, you do get quite a bit of noticeable fall out that is pretty tough to remove.

Overall, all of these colours are incredible in their own ways, and all are very silky and easy to blend. I can truly say that all of these eyeshadows blend perfectly with each other, allowing you to create any colour combination you like. What’s not to like? Another amazing palette by the incredible Urban Decay!

– Em x


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