Maybelline Baby Lips review

The weather in the UK at the moment is horrendous, and it’s definitely taking its toll on my lips! I decided to finally try the much talked about Baby Lips lip balm, as I could actually justify buying yet another lip product.

image (15)

I purchased the flavour ‘Cherry Me’ which is a lovely sweet cherry scent, and it actually makes my mouth water a little bit!

image (16)

image (19)

The lip balm itself is a vibrant red colour, but one the lips its more of a dark pink, and is a very subtle wash of colour. I actually really like the fact that it’s subtle, as it means you can apply it without using a mirror and is really easy to throw on before running out of the door for university/work/school. As for the balm itself, it is very moisturising, but I feel like it doesn’t provide the claimed 8 hour hydration, as I normally have to reapply after 3-4 hours. This isn’t a problem for me though, and I still think it’s a great product. It’s definitely a nice lip balm, but I feel that nothing can beat Carmex when it comes to soothing my lips! What do you guys think of this product?

– Em x


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