Nike+ FuelBand review

So for those people who are beginners (like me) on the fitness scene, you’ll understand how hard it is to get back into it after being sedentary for a long a while. For me, Christmas was a killer and totally threw off any exercise regimes I had set in place for myself. Not to mention, the cold rainy weather has made me totally unmotivated and I just want to stay inside in the warm causing me to turn into a potato. This is when the Nike+ FuelBand changed my life!

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I got the FuelBand from my Dad for Christmas in the limited edition rose gold, in the size small.

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The FuelBand keeps track of your daily movements which can be anything from walking to uni, to going to the gym, to hoovering your house. It monitors your steps and the calories you burn which are both calculated into Fuel points, and is all updated in real-time. You set yourself a daily goal (mine is 2,500 Fuel points) which is where the motivation comes in. I found myself constantly trying to smash my daily goal, even if it meant getting up and running on the spot to get those extra 100 points. You can also ‘win the hour’, which requires you to move constantly for 5 minutes. I love being able to track any sessions I have, as it accurately measures how intense my workout was by simply pressing and holding the button, setting your FuelBand to session mode. As well as all that, it can monitor your sleep AND tells you the time. How cool is that?!

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The best thing about the FuelBand for me in the massive sense of achievement you get when you beat your goal. You can set your own goals and it has an app so you can constantly check what awards you’ve won, and if there are any you can beat that connects to the FuelBand via bluetooth.


It breaks down your day and shows you when you were most active. It’s just incredible for accuracy and motivation.

It is a little pricey, retailing for around £129, but if you’re dedicated to being fit it really is worth it, and there’s not a competitor out there that compares to how sophisticated the FuelBand is!

What do you guys think of the Nike+ FuelBand? How do you keep yourself motivated?

– Em x


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