Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara review

Hey everyone! So today I’m going to be reviewing the much raved about Full Exposure mascara by Smashbox. As a brand, Smashbox are relatively new to the UK, and I got this small sample tube of this mascara in a trial set that contained minis of all their best sellers for only £19! I thought this was a STEAL as I was really keen to try these products out.


I find that this mascara really does add length and curl to my lashes, and I think it looks a lot more natural and fluttery than my other favourites, They’re Real! and Hypnose Star. The one thing that’s lacking in this mascara, for me, is the volume. I like my lashes to look quite thick and almost fake looking, and although this can be achieved with about four or five coats of this mascara, I get a much better result from my faves, that I mentioned above, in just two coats.



The brush is really fat and long – and I know a lot of people would enjoy this, I think it makes the wand a little hard to control, and doesn’t give you the precision you need to reach the out corners of your lashes.


The mascara formula is really lovely though. It’s completely jet black and it’s really easy to remove, and doesn’t pull out your lashes as you’re trying to wipe it off. Overall, this is a really nice mascara that I think is best for daytime wear, or if you’re going for a more natural look. What do you guys think of this mascara?

– Em x


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