My holiday to Marrakech, Morocco

Half way through September, my boyfriend Dave and I had a week long holiday in the vibrant city of Marrakech, Morocco, and it really was a huge culture shock! It’s a very different way of life compared to Britain, as most of the residents of Morocco live very humble lives, growing and rearing their own food and earning little money from their jobs, if they have one. The roads were absolutely insane. They drive on the right side of the road and it is quite literally a free for all, with cars crossing roads from every direction and mopeds and motorbikes squeezing down the tiny back lanes meant for solely for pedestrians, and one things for sure, I would never hire a car whilst in Morocco!

image (25)

image (26)

image (27)

image (28)

Moroccan rugs that were handmade by the women of the city. We were told that each carpet took approximately 3 years to make, and were made using only a loom and without patterns – completely freehand.

image (29)

image (30)

The men in market insisted on showing us how people in Morocco wear their headscarfs, which made for a good photo!

image (31)

image (32)

A view of the market square from a terraced restaurant. In the very bottom left hand corner, you can see some of the snake charmers that work in the big square.

We also took a trip into the Atlas mountains, about 150km from Marrakech, to see the famous Ouzoud waterfall. It’s the highest fall in North Africa, second in Africa and seventh in the world.

image (43) image (42) image (41) image (39) image (36)

We had a boat ride that took us right underneath the waterfall, we got completely soaked!

image (35)

image (34)

We met some wild barbary apes, who were incredible friendly! The tour guide gave me some almonds to feed them, which I absolutely loved!

image (40)

image (37)

We had a meal in front of the waterfall – here’s my boyfriend looking a bit creepy!

Overall, it was a really good holiday and experience and I would definitely recommend it if you like experiencing new cultures and going on adventures. I would also recommend getting a hotel right within the city centre so you’re able to experience the nightlife – something we missed out on due to how far away our hotel was! Have you ever been to Morocco? Would you like to go there?


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