DIY Ombre hair & maintenance

Around June of this year, I became incredibly bored of my hair. So bored, that I almost cut it all off to sport a Kylie Jenner inspired long bob. It was actually my boyfriend who saved my super long hair from the chop, by suggesting that I should try ombre first, as I’ve always wanted to do it. In the past, I’ve always had reservations about using bleach on my hair as I worried about the damage that it would cause, as well as the worry that it would turn my hair more yellow/orange as opposed to an ashy blonde, as I have dark brown hair. So, I decided to take the plunge. I left the bleach on for only 20 minutes, and it didn’t really make a noticeable difference so, right before I went to Reading festival, I bleached it again, as well as adding a semi permanent blue colour, just for fun.

photo 2 (7)

I was quite pleased with the result, and the blue lasted quite a long time. It faded to a very dingy green colour, and I really wanted to get rid of it, so I bleached it AGAIN. How my hair didn’t just snap off completely I don’t know!

photo 4 (2)

After this, I noticed some patches were uneven so, yes… I bleached it for a fourth time. This time, instead of using a regular bleach box mix, I decided to try the L’Oreal Wild Ombres kit. I was so happy with the results, as the small brush that came with this kit made it so easy to blend my hair, creating the gradual ombre look I wanted. Considering the four lots of bleach, my hair really wasn’t that damaged at all.

photo 5

This is my hair, as it is right now. I am so happy with the colour and condition of my hair, and I feel like it really does make my otherwise boring, long dark hair much more interesting. Through out my bleaching process, I was using Lee Stafford Hot Shots 4 Blondes which is a purple toner to help banish brassy and yellow tones from my hair. Using this product just once a week made a massive difference to the appearance of my hair,and really helped my ends achieve that lovely beachy light blonde.

Also, during my recent trip to Morocco, I picked up some 100% real Argan oil (you can read more about it here) which I continue to use every other day on my hair, and has made a drastic difference to condition of my ends.



I absolutely love my hair at the moment, but I’m considering adding some copper/red tones to it just for autumn winter… what do you guys think? Do you like ombre hair?

– Em x


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