Sing You Home book review

If you like books that keep you on your toes, that you think about hours after you’ve put it down and that confront hot button issues, then this book is DEFINITELY for you!

I took this book on holiday with me around a month ago, and I finished it in two days. In true Jodi Picoult style, this book keeps you hooked from the very first page. It’s written in a split narrative between the main characters Zoe, Max and Vanessa. Her style of writing is so beautiful, you can literally feel everything the characters are feeling throughout all of her books.

This book in particular really struck a chord with me. The issues are so gritty that it really does stay with you after you’ve finished it. Issues such as infertility, miscarriage, divorce, alcoholism, homosexuality, gay rights in America, evangelicalism and so on.

One of the most gripping aspects of this book, for me, was the way it was written from the Evangelical Christians point of view. It’s not something I’ve ever understood, but to see it from those peoples perspective was really interesting to me.

As well as this, this book has a soundtrack that goes with every chapter of this book. The overriding theme throughout this book is music and the way it impacts our life. The main character, Zoe, is a music therapist, and the use of the soundtrack is meant to emphasise the importance of music, and how it can affect your feelings. It really is worth listening too as you read it.

Overall, this book really is something that stays with you. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good, gritty novel that you can really get your teeth into.


Em x


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