Benefit Posietint and Posiebalm review

If any of you have problems with touching your face all day like me, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that my powder blush literally just fades from my face probably about 3 hours after I’ve applied it. This is why I ADORE Posietint!

When I worked for Benefit, this was the one product that I applied before shift every single time I worked. I love the bright poppy-pink colour, which is really striking on my pale porcelain skin, and I loved the fact that my lips and my cheeks were co-ordinated. But the best thing about this product is without doubt the staying power. I can apply this at 10am, go to uni all day and do a 5 hour shift in my busy restaurant job, and still have flushed cheeks by the time I get home at around 11pm. It has always been one of my favourite products from Benefit and I really rate all of their tints – ChaCha tint is an AMAZING colour to check out if you have tanned or darker skin, it just looks a bit silly on my very pale complexion!

image (82) image (83)

As well as applying Posietint to my lips, I also love to apply Posiebalm on top. This isn’t really a necessity as the tint itself provides a lovely pop of colour, but I find the balm so moisturising and just easy to use for touch ups – carrying the tint bottle around and using that little brush in the middle of the day might be a bit awkward!  The only bad thing I have to say about this product is that the brush can be a little bit tickley when apply it to the lips – it’s also a little bit itchy when drying on the lips.

image (81) image (80)

I love this product and it will remain a staple in my make-up routine for the foreseeable future! What do you think of Posietint? What’s your favourite blush?



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