MAC Cyber Lipstick review

At the moment, my staple, go-to lipstick shades are always dark, vampy colours, as I think they look really quite striking against my very pale skin. My friends know me really well and bought me Cyber from MAC for my birthday, and I was so excited about it!

This blackish-purple lipstick is the darkest colour offered by MAC and I absolutely love it. It has a nice satin finish which I really like, as because the colour is so dark, that little bit of a shine gives your lips a bit of life and makes them more full-looking, as dark lipsticks can often make your lips appear smaller than they are. The staying power is impressive too – it lasts a good 4/5 hours without needing a touch up.

photo 1 (8) photo 3 (7)

Because this lipstick is so dark, it is really important that you use a lip liner to stop the colour from bleeding. It’s such a pain having a lip liner to match every colour lipstick you have, so I use the Studio Lip Lock pencil from Elf, which is a transparent formula that prevents feathering and bleeding. It’s an absolute BARGAIN at £3.50, so something that’s definitely worth investing in. After using this, I use a lip brush to fill in my lips with the lipstick just so it has a really nice clean precise finish.

The only thing I don’t like about this lipstick is the smell. MAC are quite well known for their vanilla-scented lipsticks, but the smell is just so sickly and strong it really puts me off. Thankfully the smell does wear off, but I really wish they’d either be scentless or just more subtle.


What do you think of Cyber? What’s your staple lipstick shade at the moment?


2 thoughts on “MAC Cyber Lipstick review

  1. Definitely looks great on your skin tone. My go to MAC color is taupe, unfortunately they stopped making it or I’m just having no luck finding it again. Luckily Kate Spades supercalifragilipstick has a color similar to it. Great post! XOX

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