Zoella: What’s the big deal?

Everyone at the moment seems to be talking about the massively famous YouTube star Zoella (or Zoe Sugg). It’s recently been brought to the publics attention that she didn’t write her book Girl Online herself, and was in fact helped by a ghost-writer. From what I’ve read, this tends to be common practice in the book industry, but her fans and other users of the internet are outraged as someone who’s built their career around being authentic, hasn’t told the whole truth about her best selling book.


Despite this, I can’t help but think this is just another excuse to bash a young girl who’s trying to make something of herself. As she’s become extremely successful in a short space of time, it seems as though people are just waiting for her to fail or for her to slip up – and as soon as she does, people, mainly the media, grab it by the horns and rinse it for all it’s worth.

Let’s be honest – Zoella is completely harmless. She makes nice, happy videos on YouTube that teaches girls how to do their make-up and hair, or what clothes she likes to buy. It’s hardly ground-breaking, nor is it going to do a great deal of damage to its viewers.

I like Zoella. She’s made something of herself from nothing, and being part of the blogging community myself, if I become half as successful as she is, I’ll be a very happy person. For all the good things she does, I really think that using a ghost-writer, which many many people do anyway, isn’t a big deal at all. The way that she openly talks about her anxiety and depression is something that should be commended, as it gives hope to other young girls with the same problems. And she’s a young successful female – showing other girls (like me!) that they can achieve their dreams.


What do you think about Zoella?


5 thoughts on “Zoella: What’s the big deal?

  1. I love Zoella! Personally I think she is a big inspiration to be so young and achieved so much already! I’m a little jealous but not in the slightest way is that in a bitter form! I’m more than happy for her and wish her all the success in the future!

  2. I think your comments in this post are spot on. I hate that our society seems to be all about putting people down and pointing out flaws rather than celebrating the positive contributions people make. I like the message she gives to young girls about coping with anxiety and valuing yourself – a lot better than many people in the public eye that girls look up to!

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