MOTN: Avatar!

Hey everyone! So, a couple of weeks ago it was my friend Amy’s birthday night out! The theme was things beginning with ‘A’, so I decided to go as an Avatar!

image (93)


Slightly crazy but a lot of fun! I simply painted myself blue using Snazaroo Royal Blue face paint, then added lines over my face and arms with black face paint, and added dots to my face following the lines with white face paint. I then added some pink blush to my cheeks and the tip of nose to give myself a more realistic look. I filled in my eyebrows as normal and created flicked eyeliner. I layered the face paint quite a few times to create the dark blue lip.

image (91) image (95)

For my hair, I plated random sections, and added some feathers that I already had lying around. I created the ears myself using some paper and bobby pins.

image (90)

This was a really fun look to create! I loved wearing this and the great added bonus that comes with painting your face blue, is that your teeth look really white!

image (92)


What do you guys think of this costume? Have you ever painted yourself before?


3 thoughts on “MOTN: Avatar!

  1. Hey! You looks very cool with this costume.
    I have already painted my face unto an avatar! it was really funny. 🙂
    How long have you needed to paint your face?

    Well, good job 😉

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