Lush Dragon’s Egg bathbomb review

For as long as I can remember I’ve never been a bath person, as I hate how quickly the water turns cold and how awkward it is to wash your hair without almost drowning! The only thing that can make me actively chose to have a bath is Lush’s famous bath bombs.

I had 4 for my birthday and have only just got through them (It’s taken me almost 4 months!) and Dragon’s Egg was one of my favourites. Although it looks quite boring outside of the bath, it really gets going after a minute or two. photo 1 (10)

It has a really strong lemon and jasmine smell which I love and find totally relaxing, and is packed full of orange and gold glitter which turns your bath into a really sparkly wonderful place to be. There’s also some popping candy in this bath bomb which adds to the sparking effect it has, as well little multicoloured rice paper discs that float around.

photo 2 (10) photo 3 (9)

When I first read the name of this bath bomb, I was totally convinced that there would be a little plastic baby dragon inside for me to play with once it had dissolved, but sadly I was mistaken! Despite this, the smell, as well as the little multicoloured dots really did make up for it.

I can really say that my obsession with bath bombs has begun, and I will be reviewing more in the near future! Do you have any bath bombs you would recommend?


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