Mini Yankee Tart Haul

I am obsessed with Yankee Candles. On Saturday, my mam and I went to our local garden centre, where they happen to sell almost every Yankee product you can think of, so I obviously picked up some new Tart Melts for my little oil burner. The great thing about an oil burner is you don’t have the commitment that you get when you purchase a big Yankee jar – you can swap and change the scents whenever you feel like for a tiny £1.49! Very affordable if you ask me!


Moroccan Argan Oil – I love this scent! My boyfriend and I went to Morocco last summer, so it really brings back memories for me. It’s really fresh and light, but my only complaint is it’s not strong enough! I would love it to be a little heavier, but if you like your subtle scents, this is for you.


Shea Butter – This is really warming and comforting, and again really subtle. This is a great one for night time as I find it really relaxing and can help you unwind after a long day.


Champaca Blossom – I really adore flowery, fresh scents and I’ve really been craving them since the weathers been much more spring-like! This tart just instantly makes me feel more summery and is quite invigorating – it makes me want to go outside!


White Gardenia – This is another super fresh, flowery, clean scent that is perfect for spring/summer! This instantly makes my room feel more fresh and airy, and is not overpowering at all. Another one thats great for relaxing!

These scents are so nice and reasonably priced, and with mothers day coming up, they would make a lovely, affordable present for whoever you’re thanking this Sunday! What do you think of my choices? What’s your favourite Yankee scent?


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