Mini Lush Review!

I find it extremely hard to walk passed Lush without popping in and picking up a few products on impulse, as I’m sure all Lush lovers do! On this particular trip, I decided to pick up a bubble bar as I have never tried them but I absolutely adore their bath bombs, as well as a massage bar.


The bubble bar I decided to try was part of the limited edition Mother’s Day range (although I was unaware of this at the time) and I’m so disappointed that it’s not a permanent product! The main reason why I wanted to try the Ultraviolet bubble bar was the intense colours. Purple and blue are my favourite colours and I was so impressed with how intense these colours looked in the bar. The scent is beautiful, but it is definitely an acquired taste! It’s very strong, and even though I stored this in the bag in a draw in my bathroom, it absolutely stank out the whole room! The scent is a combination of ylang ylang oil, rosewood, violet leaf and jasmine absolute and is very outdoorsy, it makes me think of grass and the smell after a heavy rain shower.


The colours also lived up to my expectations as it turned my bath water a lovely midnight purple colour, with plenty of bubbles that lasted through my entire bath.


The massage bar I decided to try was the Hottie. I suffer from back problems and often have back ache, so the warming sensation of this product as well as the little bumps really appealed to me as I thought it would ease any pain I had. The smell of this product is amazing, it has ginger and black pepper oils to create that heat it promises and vanilla and cocoa butter to create the glide it needs to be a massage bar. To me, it just smelled of Christmas and was a really comforting, warm, homely smell. Despite this, I really thought it didn’t do much to help my back. Once it warmed up and started to melt on my skin, I found it to be extremely greasy and it didn’t absorb very quickly and I couldn’t really feel any sort of warming sensation. I think this bar is much better used as a moisturiser rather than for massages, but I definitely love it purely for the scent.

Have you tried these products? What are your favourites?


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