Blue lipstick?! Illamasqua Disciple review

I’m a huge fan of crazy lip colours. I’ve been really fancying navy, forest green, grey and black lipsticks lately, so i decided to just take the plunge and splash out on an Illasmasqua lipstick. They’re well known for eccentric make up looks, so I figured they’d be the best at these colours. After swatching a few of the colours, I decided to pick up Disciple.


This lipstick is and intense, deep, matte navy blue, which honestly just reminds me of blue biro ink! Regardless, it’s such a gorgeous colour. I feel like this is a great lipstick to start with if you want to try a crazy colour, as all though its blue, you could say its a distant cousin of MAC’s Cyber, due to it’s bluely-purple-blackness!

Despite the beautiful colour, I found this lipstick quite hard to work with. It’s an extremely matte texture which i found just dragged along my lips without depositing much colour. I tried to moisturise my lips before applying it, but that simply meant no colour AT ALL applied to my lips. After a frustrated few attempts, I finally got the lipstick on, but I just feel that it takes a bit of practice, and because the colour is so intense, any mistake you makes really shows, so I’m going to invest in a lipliner for future wear (probably a navy pencil eyeliner, imagine how hard it would be to find a lip liner that colour!).


I also found that the colour didn’t last very long on my lips before fading away and leaving a blue outline, meaning I had to reapply pretty constantly throughout the night.


Despite the negatives, the colour is so gorgeous I’m definitely going to keep working with it until it’s perfect! What do you think of this colour? Do you own any crazy colours?


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