Grown up colouring books

I don’t know about any of you, but I LOVE COLOURING IN! I would normally just buy a kids colouring book (hopefully one of the Hello Kitty themed variety), but I noticed that colouring in has actually become trendy… And grown ups are now seeing this as an acceptable pass time to relax and de-stress… Which means that there are now fashionable and more ‘sophisticated’ colouring books on the market for a really affordable price (not that Hello Kitty isn’t sophisticated, ’cause she so is). Hooray!

I popped into WH Smith and they literally had a bookshelf full of colouring books with intricate patterns such as mandalas and tattoo designs, all priced from about £5-£10. I decided to pick up the I Heart Colouring: Pretty Pocket book for £5.99 as I loved that the pages were small meaning that you didn’t have to commit a lot of time to it, and I travel around a lot so it’s easy to throw in my handbag and keep there!

It’s fair to say that I love this little book. The range of patterns are so diverse that there is something to match your every mood, from animals, to buildings, to clothes, to mandalas and really complicated patterns.

image3 image5

image4 image6

I use fine liner felt pens to colour in my patterns, but I would suggests using crayons that can be sharpened as sometimes the pen does go through the paper which makes me cry!

image7 image2

I love that this has become a trend as I can now colour whenever I want without people thinking I’m strange! What do you guys think of this new trend? Are you a colouring addict too? Leave a comment and let me know!


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