KatVonD beauty review

For the longest time, I have lusted over Kat Von D’s beauty products. The fact they were so hard to get hold of in the UK broke my heart every time I saw one of my favourite YouTubers mention her products, or a new products being showed off on her Instagram account. You can imagine the sheer excitement when her line FINALLY dropped in the UK, exclusively at Debenhams.  I immediately ordered the Lock-It foundation and the Everlasting Liquid lipstick.



Can we just talk about the packaging?! I love the tattoo-esc vibe the packaging has, which is very Kat Von D. The packaging also feels high quality and durable, meaning I’m not scared to travel about with them in my bag!


I opted for the colour Light 44 in the foundation, which according to the Sephora website, is a fair alabaster with a cool undertone. Luckily, this colour is perfect for my skin. We all know the struggle of trying to find your colour when ordering online! This foundation has incredible coverage and wear, especially for those with oily skin. I find one pump covers my skin perfectly, and it lasts all day, including through an 8 hour shift where I’m constantly leaning my chin on my hand and touching my face in general. I was one very impressed make-up junkie!

I ordered the liquid lipstick in the colour Damned, which is described as a black cherry. It’s a very dark berry, which compliments my skin tone and style perfectly. Now, I know this is a bold statement, but this is the best liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t dry your lips out, doesn’t crumble AT ALL and lasts an extremely long time. I ate a Raisukaree from Wagamama wearing this lipstick and it didn’t come off. Seriously.


Here’s a particularly moody selfie. Overall, I am so blown away with these products and I really think they’re worth the money. You definitely need to check out the range, available at Debenhams.


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