October only means one thing…

So, today is the first of October so that only means one thing… HALLOWEEN! This is by far my favourite month of year (being my birthday month as well!) and I am going to exploit the spookiness as much as I can.

Obviously, then, when I went to get my nails done today I had to go for a Halloween theme. I’m seriously lucky as my best friend, Alice, who co-owns House of Beauty, is also the most talented nail wizard I’ve ever met, meaning my nails are always on fleek.

I’ll be doing a full review of the House of Beauty experience soon, so this is just a snippet of the amazing work that Alice produces.


Alice used a range of techniques, including ombre and cat-eye, where you use a gel polish loaded with magnetic properties and simply hold a magnet over the top to get the desired affect.




I’m beyond pleased with them, I cease to be amazed by the work produced at House of Beauty! If you’d like to see more or book are appointment (if you’re in South East Wales) visit facebook.com/HOBbedwas or @ho_bt and @allyflosshead on Instagram.


3 thoughts on “October only means one thing…

  1. Ahh sorry that I’m having like a mega- stalk on your blog but these nails are just gorgeous!! Your style is literally my goals! Could you check out my account maybe? X

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