Lush Halloween haul 

My favourite time of year, apart from Christmas of course, is Halloween. So much so, that I’m a sucker for all the Halloween merchandise that gets released this time of year. One of the brands I get most excited for, is Lush.

So, I popped into the Cardiff store to pick up some of the items I wanted to try the most from the Halloween range. I was honestly like a kid in toy shop, so I had to control myself so I wouldn’t empty my bank account! 

The first thing I picked up was the Monster’s ball bath bomb.

First of all, how cute is this bath bomb?! I almost don’t want to use it because he is just adorable! This bath bomb, as well as being vegan, contains line and neroli oils, that are described as uplifting scents. This bath bomb smells really fresh and clean, and promises to turn your bath water a lovely purple colour. 

Next, I picked up the Lord of Misrule bath bomb. 

To me, this bath bomb has a slightly more masculine scent (which I happen to love) and again as well as being vegan, it contains a spicy mix of patchouli and black pepper oils. It also has a wine red centre as this product is inspired by the pagen Feast of Fools, where the wine will be flowing! It also has popping candy, to add an extra bang to the experience. 

Next, I picked up the Intergalactic bath bomb. 

I am beyond excited for this bath bomb! Although it’s not in the Halloween collection, I had to pick it up. Also vegan, this contains peppermint oil which I find very relaxing and settling. It contains neon colours and glitter to turn your bath into a galaxy, and also contains vetivert and cedarwood oils. 

Last, but certainly not least, is the product I’m most excited for. Goth fairy

How cute is this little gothic gal! I feel like she speaks to me on a spiritual level. Also vegan, this moisture bar contains gold, green, purple and silver iridescent glitters the add a gorgeous glow as you use it. This contains illipe and cupuaça butters to hydrate the skin, as well as almond, grapefruit and bergamot oils. To me, this bar smells like Refesher sweets, which is making me even more excited to use it! 

I am too excited and obsessed with Halloween this year! Are you planning on getting anything from lush? 


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