Kylie Cosmetics lipkit and Metallic Matte liquid lip review

Sometimes living in the UK can be really hard for us beauty lovers as we often miss out on some of the best make up releases of the year, due to shipping costs and the fact that some companies just don’t ship to the UK. Sad face. 

So when Kylie Cosmetics offered international shipping for $5, I knew it was now or never.

I’ve been lusting over the lip kits since they were released, so I was beyond excited when my products arrived! One thing to bear in mind when ordering from America, is that you may have to pay customs fees. I had to pay an extra £15 on top of what I had already paid just to get my products (totes worth it, though). 

I was really impressed with the packaging, and I felt as though a lot of thought had gone into it. 

A cute personal touch is the postcard that comes with the products, which features the logo of the brand, which I believe are Kylie’s lips, and a handwritten message from her.

So, I purchased a matte liquid lip kit in True Brown, and a metallic matte liquid lipstick on Reign. 

In the lipkit, you get the liquid lipstick as well as a matching lip liner, which can also be worn alone as well as with the other product. 

I am in love with this colour! It’s so perfect for Autumn, and definitely gives me those grungy vibes that I’m really loving at the moment. One thing I’m not too keen on about this product, is the smell. It’s a very strong very sweet smell, that reminds me of kids make up. I find that it also lingers on the lips, but it’s just about bearable. Plus the colour is so perfect I’m willing to put up with the smell! It is extremely long wearing, to the point where it’s quite difficult to remove. 

The metallic liquid lipstick comes on its own without a lip liner. I am BEYOND obsessed with this coppery brown colour, it’s very flattering against my pale skin and brings out my blue eyes. Unlike the liquid lip, this product doesn’t completely dry down, and does come off and transfer. I don’t see this as a downside, though, as it’s very comfortable on the lips, and you can change your lipstick colour easily without too much hassle! 

Overall, I’m in love with these products! 

Do you have any Kylie lipkits? 

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