Birthday beauty treatments at House of Beauty

Next Saturday is my birthday (yay!) so that means it’s time to treat myself. 

I was due an infill on my nails as well as needing my brows done and decided to get an eyelash perm, because why not?! So of course, I booked in with my go-to gal, Alice at House of Beauty. 

House of Beauty is located in Caerphilly, South Wales, and is co-owned by Alice (far left) and Charlotte (far right) who decided to start their own buisness after working together at another salon. They’ve recently hired Sophie (middle) to cope with the high demand for bookings! 

When you arrive at House of Beauty, you are seated in the waiting area while your beautician prepares for your treatment.

They have a wide selection of refreshments for you to choose, as well as the latest fashion magazines to browse while you wait. 

At the start of your nail treatment, they will ask you what you’re looking to achieve. They offer a wide range of treatments, from acrylic to gel nail extentions, to express nails and shellac. 

They have an extemely wide range of shellac polishes, as well as glitters, foils, and other cute nail decals. Another great thing about House of Beauty, is that you can bring in your own nail art accessories and they will incorporate it into the nail look!  

We wanted to keep my nails in theme with my Halloween costume (my birthday falls 2 days before Halloween, so we always dress up) so we went for full on, under the sea, glitter goodness. 

Alice used an encapsulating technique, where you layer acrylic with a foil or a bead or glitter, creating a crystal affect.

How amazing are these?! This was the result before Alice added some hand drawn scales to a few of the nails, to give it more under the sea vibes.  

This is the finished result with the hand drawn scales! I’m so thrilled with how they turned out, Alice never ceases to amaze me with what she comes up with. 

Next it was on to brows! House of Beauty are well known for creating perfect brows, and I know that I would never go anywhere else for them. 

Here is the before and after of my brows with a wax and tint. Brows definitely have the power to make or break your face, and as you can see, my brows are pretty fleeky. 

Next on to the lash lift! This treatment involves curling your lashes and tinting them. I personally love these treatment as it takes a step out of my make up routine, and the treatment itself is quite relaxing. You have to keep your eyes closed for 45 minutes so it’s the perfect opportunity for a cheeky snooze. 

These is no product on my lashes at all! How amazing are those results? I honestly can’t get over how amazing my natural lashes look! 

Overall I’m so happy with my treatments, as always, at House of Beauty! 

You can check out their work on Instagram at @ho_bt, and you can book appointments through their Facebook page. 

Will you be booking in?


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