Halloween MOTD ft Jeffree Star, NYX and more 

Last night, my besties and I went out to celebrate my birthday. As my birthday is 2 days before Halloween, we decided to do fancy dress. Our theme this year was under the sea, so I decided to go as a mermaid. I was serving aquatic realness, glowing for the gods. 

My go to gal for everything beauty related, and a gal I’m sure you all know by now, Alice, did my make up for my birthday.

She contoured my face using blue, pink and purple eyeshadows, and applied a tonne of purple highlighter from the Sleek Solstice palette. She created a dark blue smokey eye, and used NYX Vivid Bright eyeliner in the shade sapphire. We used Jeffree Stars liquid lip in the shade I’m Royalty to fill in my brows, and topped off the look with NYX Comic Metals lip cream in the shade ultraviolet. Alice also added some super cute white a blue freckles to the centre of my face, for more detail.

We then went into my bathroom and plastered myself in glitter from The Gypsey Shrine. This glitter is so chunky and stunning, and really made the look. We mixed the glitter with wet look men’s hair gel, and it stuck to my body really well. 

I wore a shell crown in my hair, a holographic purple crop top and blue holographic scale leggings. I was such a birthday prinny. 

It’s safe to say the my house is now completely covered in glitter, and I am currently still covered in the stuff. The sign of a great night out! 

What do you think of this look? What did you dress up as for Halloween? 


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