The Lord of Lush 

I am completely obsessed with the Lord of Misrule range from Lush. It is by far my favourite scent ever out of any of the Lush products I’ve used, so much so that I’ve stocked up on the bath bombs as well as the shower cream!

This range is based on the pagen Feast of Fools, who’s leader is the Lord of Misrule.  Because of this, it is a limited edition scent released just for Halloween. 

This scent is very warming and earthy, with black pepper oil, patchouli oil and vanilla essence. This scent smells like autumn to me, and I love how calming and relaxing it is. 

The bath bomb, as well as containing all those amazing essential oils, also contains popping candy and glitter. When the green outer fizzes away, a deep red centre begins to flow and the popping candy begins to crackle. This is supposed to represent the flowing or the wine and the cracking party that is the Feast of Fools. 

The comination of the green and the red create a tempting burgundy colour bath, that reflects its warming smell. 

The shower cream, which has the same enchanting smell, is a gorgeous shade of bright green. The product is extemely moisturising and smell lingers on the skin for a good while. As well as this, the product holds its bright green colour as it lathers up! I love being covered in bright green foam in the shower, and it definitely makes this product unique.

Dat green slime doe. 

If you’re a fan of warm, Autumn, herbal scents, I highly recommend this product to you. It is limited edition for Halloween, so grab it before it’s gone! 

What’s you’re favourite lush scent?


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