Testing the trends: Fake freckles 

I’ve been seeing the fake freckles trend pretty much everywhere at the moment. James Charles, an insta famous (you can find him @JamesCharles) makeup artist and, not to mention, the first male Covergirl absolutely rocks this look. I loved how it looked on him so much that I decided to try it for myself. 

I did my usual routine for my base, using Kat Von Ds Lock-it foundation and the Too Faced Born This Way concelear, and set it all with the Rimmel Match Perfection translucent powder. I contoured using the Anistasia Beverly Hills contour kit, warmed up my cheeks with Bourjois Little Round Pot blush, and highlighted with Sleeks Solstice highlight palette. A major factor for this look to work, I think, is making sure that your base is a flawless as possible.

I think a simple eye works really well with this trend, to focus attention on the freckles. So, I filled in my brows using Benefits Brow Zings, created a simple winged liner using Kat Von Ds Tattoo liner, and topped it all off with Benefits Rollerlash mascara. I then applied Kat Von Ds Studded Kiss lipstick in the shade Lolita. 

For the freckles themselves, I took a small smudge brush that I have in my collection and dipped it into the power of my Brow Zings kit. I then created the freckles by placing them at random over my nose and cheeks. This created a natural look as the freckles vary is colour and size, like natural freckles would. 

Overall I love this look! I think it’s so cute, and adds something different to your everyday make up routine. You can totally customise the intensity of the freckles to your own personal taste – for me, a subtle look is the prettiest. 

What do you think of the fake freckles trend? 


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