Fairy good products: mini lush haul 

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… Which means it’s also time to cover ourselves in glitter and delightful Christmas scents! 

On my latest trip to Lush, I picked up two fairy-esc products. This was a complete coinicidence, but it does demonstrate my obsession with all this glittery! 

The Fairy Dust finishing powder is a product that you dust over clean skin to give yourself a sparkly glow and delicious scent. This product has a very sweet candyfloss smell that I adore, it really is a very cute and girly smell. The power also helps absorb any excess oil and keeps your skin lookin soft and polished all night. You can also dust this powder in your bedsheets, which will leave you waking up feeling and smelling like a pixie. 

The powder comes out a baby pink colour, but when you rub it in the colour disappears and leaves a sparkle and a sweet scent. This product is perfect for nights out, and the approaching festive season. 

The Sugar Plum fairy lip scrub is by far the best product of its kind that I’ve used. The colour is just amazing, and the sweet blackcurrent and orange flavour is the bomb. You simply apply this all over your lips, give them a good scrub and then kick off the product. It is completely edible as it is made from caster sugar. I find this really helps make my lipstick look flawless, especially as this cold time of year! 

I’m loving these fairy themed products at the moment and I can’t wait to get my hands on Snow Fairy… Will you be trying these products? 


5 thoughts on “Fairy good products: mini lush haul 

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