Living the Lebanese dream: Beirut Grill House 

One of my favourite places to eat out in Cardiff was Lilo’s grill house on City Road. Recently, this has been taken over by new management so my boyfriend and I decided to give it a whirl last night.

The resultant itself has had a massive referb and is now much more modern, light and inviting. 

The menu has remained the pretty much the same, with a wide selection of middle eastern dishes for you to chose from. Coming with a big group of people? Why not get a whole lamb! 

They also boast a selection of freshly made juices, created to order. 

My boyfriend and I decided to go for mango juice. 

You also get complementary olives on arrival. Huge bonus in my eyes!

To start, we had hummus to share. This was really simple and satisfying, a great choice for an appetiser. 

For mains, my boyfriend had a mixed grill with half chips half rice, and I had a chicken shish with rice. 

There is no describing how good the chicken is here! It’s mariniated and grilled to perfection, and has a perfect chargrilled taste. It’s always juicy and never dry, and the rice perfectly complements it. The salad is always fresh, and drizzled with lemon juice it serves as the perfect palette cleanser. Peng out of 10. 

Beirut Grill House have definitely smashed the reputation Lilo’s had, with better service and a nicer atmosphere within in the restaurant. I’d recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys good grilled meat! Will you be trying Beirut Grill House? 


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