Mini Christmas Yankee Candle haul 

I have Christmas issues. I love it so much, that I actually went and spent £30 on Christmas themed candles. Am I even real?! 

So my Mam and I went to our local garden centre where they sell lots of Yankee Candles. They had a big display where all the Christmas scents were, and of course I had to pick up a few! 

The first candle I chose was Angel’s Wings. This is sweet scented candle, but it is very subtle. I find scents like Snowflake Cookie or Christmas Cookie to be so sweet that they can give me a headache. This candle is just the right amount of sweetness. According to the website, the main fragrance notes are spun sugar, flower petals and vanilla. It’s not overly Christmasy, but definitely is a cosy and comforting smell. 

The next scent I picked up was Christmas Eve. This is a much more classic Christmas scent, and it really does give me holiday spirit vibes. I love this scent so much, it really reminds me of Christmases past as well. According to the Yankee candle website, the main fragrance notes are warm hearth, sugared plum and candied fruits. This will be burning all throughout December for sure! 

What are your favourite Christmas scents? 


25 thoughts on “Mini Christmas Yankee Candle haul 

  1. Loved this post! I burn yankee candles aswell atm and my fave scent has to be the Merry Mint Chocolate one really! It’s just amazing! X

  2. I hear so much about these candles, they sound amazing! I just spent a whole bunch of money on bath & body works candles, I love holiday scents 😍

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