Testing the Trends: Selfie Ring Lights 

I feel like everyone and their mum has a ring light at the moment. They’re supposed to add the perfect amount of light to your face, thus making your selfies flawless. But is it too good to be true? I decided to find out for myself. 

I ordered my selfie ring light from eBay for £8.99. It came within 4 days, so I was impressed with the delivery. The only problem is, as you can see, the packaging is completely in, what looks like, Japanese. But the product is easy enough to use that you don’t really need instructions. 

So the ring light is powered off two AAA batteries (who uses batteries anymore?! Blast from the past) and has three light settings that are easily changed with a small button at the top of the light. 

I love that it gives you the option to adjust the light setting, it means you really can get the perfect selfie. 

I must say that I think this is going to become one of my staple items for nights out and trips away. Here are some selfies I took using it on my iPhone 6. 

These were all taken using the brightest setting. I also tested it with my glasses for us four-eyed folk of the world. 

I used the lowest and brightest settings here. I don’t think it would cause massive issues with reflection in the lenses, if anything it would just show the ring light itself as pictured. 

I also tested it out on some basic bitch Snapchat filters, ’cause lets be honest, we all love a good dog filter selfie on our story. 

Overall, I really love this ring light! I don’t think it’s necessary to take a bangin’ selfie, but if you’re a selfie addict like me, it’s deffo worth a go! 

What do you think about the selfie ring lights? 


17 thoughts on “Testing the Trends: Selfie Ring Lights 

  1. Never heard of this, but I’ll make sure I get my hands into one of these soon! hope I don’t become too addicted to it now 😅 RL xx

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