Holidays are comin’: The Body Shop Ultimate Advent Calander 

As December quickly approaches, the excitement for beauty related advent calanders builds. I was lucky enough to receive The Body Shops Ultimate Advent Calendar from my boyfriend and I am honestly so proud of myself for resisting the temptation to open it thus far! 

So obviously I don’t know what products are inside the advent calendar, but you are given a few hints on the back… ** spoiler alert ** 

According to the website, this calendar in particular contains some of the more luxirious products, such as the Drops of Youth concentrate and the Himilayan Charcoal Puryfing glow mask. 

The products themselves come individually packaged in small boxes – like you’re opening a little present every day! 

We’re also reminded of everything the body shop stands for on the doors of the calendar. 

Oh, another point about this calendar… It is huge! I was so shocked when my boyfriend gave it to me because I was not expecting it to be the size that it is. 

I compared it to my naked palette to give you some idea of the size. 

Overall, I’m so excited to open my advent calendar! I’ll go a full review of the products when I get them all. What advent calendar do you have? 


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