Aldi skin care?! Lacura 3 minute cell renew mask review 

I’m definitely no snob when it comes to beauty products. I love trying all ranges of brands from super high end, to cheap and cheerful. 

While in my local Aldi, I noticed that as part of their special buys they had a pot of Lacuea 3 minute cell renew face mask for £5.99. How could I say no to that? 

So this product is aimed at anti-ageing, but you’re never to young to start right?! It claims to refine pores and smooth the skins surface, and contains caviar extract, papaya enzyme complex and AHA’s in order to remove dead skin cells and make your skin firmer and tighter. You’re supposed to use this product once a week. 

The packaging feels weighty and luxirious, which I was not expecting at all. It also comes with a little brush to apply the product with, which I absolutely love! I’ve never seen this before so it thought it was a genius idea. I love the smell of the product – it’s very fresh and fruity smell. 

I applied a blob this size the each half of my face and found it covered really well. 

While the face mask was on I could definitely feel it working. It was a very tight feeling, especially over my nose and cheeks where I have some large pores. This does claim to be a peel mask – so I thought it was literally a mask you peel off. Turns out it’s not, but I think the peel aspect of the face mask description refers to a skin peel. *insert embarrassed face here* 

After washing the product off, I definitely noticed an immidiate difference. My skin felt firmer, looked brighter and felt more smooth. I am blown away with how impressed I am by this mask. I will definitely be using it for the foreseeable future! 

I definitely recommend you check this product out, especially if you’re slightly older. Considering I used such a small amount of product, it has astromical value for money! What did you think of this product? 


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