Lunatick Cosmetics Mystifying Mattifying powder review 

As we all know, I love all things spooky. So my friends, who know me really well, decided to get me something from Lunatick Cosmestics for my birthday. 

Lunatik Cosmetics are a small indie brand who specialise in horror related beauty products. Their packaging is the bomb, so I really suggest that you go and check them out. 

My friends bought me the Mystifying Mattifying high definition micro pressed powder. 

First of all, how amazing is the packaging?! It comes in this really cool planchette style (like the ones you use on a oujia board) and has a swivel design meaning the powder is still protected without the use of a lid. I love the packaging and I’ll keep it even when the product has run out.

The powder is probably one of the best I’ve ever used. I’ve found that not only does it keep my skin matte for the whole day, it also blurs out my pores and any other lines. 

Although the the product itself is a starke white colour, it doesn’t show up like that on the skin – it’s definitely translucent. 

Overall, I really love this product and I will definitely be rebuying it! Imagine this powder for baking though??? 

What do you think of this brand? 

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