Testing the trends: Rainbow Highlighter

One of the biggest highlighter trends at the moment is the rainbow highlighter. I first saw this back in the summer on several big YouTubers channels, such as grav3yardgirl, and I was instantly intrigued. So when I Heart Makeup brought out their new unicorn highlighter, I had to get my hands on it. 

First impressions, I am completely in love with everything about this product. The shape of the packaging, the holographic font, and the product itself. This is right up my ally! 

The product is very pigmented, and has a glow rather than a shimmer which is what I prefer when it comes to highlighters. You can see the rainbow stayed in tact during my swatch, which I was really impressed with. 

When mixed together, it blends into a really lovely icy pink colour, meaning it is completely suitable for every day wear. 

I am glowing for the gods!! I am so impressed with how pigmented this product is, it’s definitely going to become one of my staple highlighters! 

I wanted to see how intense incouldngry the product to be – the result is the stunning colour in my inner corner. I concentrated my brush in the blue and purple colours, and it really did give a strong highlight. So impressive! Did I mention that it’s only £4.99? WHAT A STEAL. 

I am so in love with this product! What do you think of the rainbow highlighter trends? 


22 thoughts on “Testing the trends: Rainbow Highlighter

  1. This is so pretty! I loved the trend! I think it’s super pretty. Gives Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets pallet Vibes! 😍💕💙

  2. This is lush! Looking at the highlighter in the packaging you think it would be a bit out there but blended together it’s absolutely gorg 😍 also can I ask what your wearing on your lips? 💄😊

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