Testing Topshop makeup: The glow factor 

For some reason, I’ve never thought to try Topshop makeup. I bought a lipstick from there a few years back, which I loved, but never went back for more. Strange, huh? 

When I went to London last weekend with my boyfriend, I decided to finally pick up a few bits from Topshop beauty. 

I felt that the safest products to buy would be a highlighter and an eyeshadow. I picked up the colour Crescent Moon in the highlighter, and the super glittery Chamelion Glow in the colour U-Turn.


First off, both of these products are beautiful. Crescent Moon is a very soft and buttery power, that is extemely glowy. It doesn’t have any micro glitter in it, which I prefer. It gives a gorgeous opalescent pink glow to the skin. 

The Chamelion glow powder changes depending on the way you look at it – orange from one way, green the other, purple another. Although you can use this as a highlighter, I personally wouldn’t because of the green tones, and the mircoglitter in the powder as well. 

For the price of these products, I am absolutely blown away. The highlight provides one of the most instense glow I’ve ever gotten from a highlighter. And don’t even get me started on the Chamelion glow – it’s absolutely stunning on the eyes. 

What are your thoughts of these products? Have you ever tried anything from Topshop beauty? 

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