My hair transformation: from dark brown to copper 

Recently, I changed my hair quite drastically. For my whole life, I’ve always had very dark hair. I’ve had ombres, and I’ve dyed it dark purple, but I’ve never been lighter than dark brown. 

My friends have always called me ginger, due to my pale skin that burns very easily in hot weather. So I thought – why not actually go ginger? Yolo, right? 

I was umming and arring about going through with it for the longest time – I knew it was going to be a big change, and that scared me. Luckily, one of my best friends, Lauren, is a super talented hairdresser, so I knew I would be in safe hands. 

Lauren’s recently started her own mobile business, named Just Teasin‘, with the equally talented Imogen, after working at another salon together.

So, first of all, my hair had to have a bleach bath to lighten it. This is the part that scared me the most – I didn’t want me hair to fall out *insert crying face*. Obviously I knew I was in safe hands, but I worry about everything. 

So after the bleach had developed, the girls put on a copper toner. 

After the toner had been washed out, it was time for the root colour. Because it was such a big change, Lauren suggested that I have a warm toned brown root so I could get used to it, and so it wouldn’t be as much of a shock. 

So after the root colour developed, it was washed out and I had my hair cut and blow dried. 

When I first saw my hair, I was so scared. I loved it and the girls did an amazing job, but it was so different. Lauren told me how much it suited me – she knows me well and assured me I would love it in a day or so once I got over the initial shock. 

She was right! I absolutely love my copper hair – due to care taken by the girls, my hair doesn’t feel damaged at all, and it has done wonders for my pale conplextion. 

Here is my hair before: 

And after! 

As you can see, it’s very tonal and natural looking – lots of people have told me that I suit being ginger so much so that I should never go dark again! 

Here’s a photo of the hair styled for my staff party. 

Here’s a better picture of the root colour. 

Overall, I absolutely love my hair transformation. If you’re thinking of going for a big hair change, I would definitely say go for it. What have you got to loose? It could work out perfectly like mine did! 

The girls were so professional and definitely kept my anxious self calm during the whole process. If you’re in the Caerphilly area of South Wales, you can contact Just Teasin’ on Facebook and Instagram for appointments. 

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