Hot or Not: Primark anti-ageing skin care 

I’m a huge Primark fan. Lately, I think they’ve really upped their game – the clothes are keeping up with the latest trends, the jeans are bomb and they have unlimited amounts of cute socks. What’s not to like? 

I’ve never tried any skin care from Primark, so when the anti-ageing line caught my eye during my last, that devil on my shoulder told me to buy it. 

So, I picked up the anti-ageing serum for £4 and the uplifting eye gel for £3. 

The product comes in a tube with a pump attached, which I LOVE – for acrylic wearing gals like me, there’s nothing worse than dipping your nails into pots and getting products stuck under your claws! 

The product claims to rejuvenate your skin in four weeks – it contains hyalueonic acid to help soften the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as kakadu plum extract. They claim that this fruit has the worlds highest vitamin c content, which helps to revitalise your skin. 

The product doesn’t feel like a classic serum to me. It’s more like a very like moisturiser. However it does leave the skin feeling instantly silky smooth and make up applies beautifully over the top. I feel like it definitely does add a glow to my skin. It’s scentless too – I do usually prefer scented products, but I can forgive Primark on that one 

So, this product is one of those classic roll on under eye gels, similar to the Garnier version. It claims to reduce puffiness under the eyes within 2 week – the gel is infused with green tea to help detoxify the area.

I actually keep mine in the fridge to give it an extra cooling level – it’s so refreshing after a long day, and it’s great to wake you up first thing in the morning. 

The gel on its own, isn’t particularly cooling though – it does feel lovely, but it’s almost as if no product comes out of the tube. But for £3? You can’t really complain. 

Overall, I would say to pick this up if you’re a skin care junkie or a Primark junkie. For the price both of these products work really well. Four for you Primark. You go Primark. 

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