As told by bloggers: Christmas traditions 

As Christmas is fast approaching, it got me thinking about all of my traditions that will be starting up again very soon. I wondered, are my traditions normal? What are my fellow bloggers traditions? I decided to find out, and ask some of my favourite bloggers what their traditions were. 

Firstly, Amy (Twitter/Instagram) has traditions for both Christmas Eve and Day. She said “Christmas Eve is normally a pyjama and film day, last minute wrapping and we always have ham eggs and Chips for dinner, literally the only time of the year we have this meal, I don’t know where it came from! On Christmas Day we have sausage rolls for breakfast, it doesn’t mater who’s house we go to they will always make sausage rolls – not homemade just ones from the freezer and that’s all anyone eats until lunch along with Buck’s Fizz of course! My brothers are 33 and 31, I’m 22 and we all have stockings and it’s still my favourite part of the day, my mum has now even got my boyfriend one and my brother’s partners!” I love the fact that Amy and her siblings still have stockings – super cute! Her favourite Christmas film is Elf and her favourite Christmas song is All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey. 

Next, we have Theodora (Twitter/Instagram) who is from Melborne, Australia – meaning that it’s summer during Christmas. She says “On Christmas Eve, we usually have a carols by candlelight event that’s on every eve. So I watch that on TV. During the day, most of the time we go to a families place for lots of food. On Christmas Day, We usually get up and turn the air conditioner on cause it’s so hot! Then we have a private mini opening of presents just between my mum, sister, dad & me. My Christmas traditions are getting together with lots of family and having a lamb on the spit (I’m Greek as well) and sitting by a pool with a beer. We don’t have a traditional Christmas dinner, just a lunch. Or we eat late enough, like mid afternoon, that you wouldn’t get hungry again. Here in Aus it’s more of a lunch thing. It’s rare that people do big Christmas dinners cause everyone loves being out in the sun and enjoying the weather with family.” It’s so interesting to hear someone’s traditions that are completely different to the norm here in the UK. Theodora’s favourite Christmas film is the Polar Express. 

Eden (Twitter/Instagram), from Stockon-On-Tees, is celebrating her first Christmas with her daughter. She said “We have never been a big lover of Christmas traditions in our family. Well, I say we, more my mum and dad; This year though I am setting out to change that. This is the first year with our daughter and I am set that she will grow up with a long line of wonderful festive traditions to look back on and no doubt hate at some point in her life. The first tradition is the tree – the tree is put up as a family. This year it was put up in November, I know – very keen, but as my partner works away this was only the chance we were going to have up until just a few days before Christmas so we went for it. The next tradition is Christmas Crafts – I am a craft lover so any excuse to whip out the glitter and glue and I am there. Each year we will make some sort of gift to give out to close family, Granny’s and Grandad’s, aunties and uncles, you know, the people that will love that the effort has been made. I obviously can’t tell you what we have made this year as it would ruin all the surprise, but Harper is 2 months old with very cute, tiny hands and feet – I shall leave the rest to your imagination. Finally, the Christmas eve box. This is the tradition that so many of my school friends had throughout their childhood lives and I was always so jealous growing up, so I have decided to steal it! It will have PJ’s in for us all, hopefully including the dog too! a range of festive DVDs and Christmas books, lots of yummy treats, cookies and carrots for Santa and his Reindeer, magic reindeer dust and whatever else we discover for the box from now until Christmas!” I love the idea of starting new traditions that will last for years to come. Eden’s favourite Christmas film is Elf and her favourite Christmas song is Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. 

Vannessa (Twitter/Instagram) says “When my parents were still together we would do Christmas properly, a done up tree, roast dinner, movies and playing board games with my dad while we saw my mums family in Bosnia where it always snowed and was a perfect white Christmas. Once my parents split, Christmas just basically became a normal day. No family time it was literally just a PJ day. Most of my years became that and to be honest I wish we were more Christmassy but mum did not want that. She still isn’t too fussed with Christmas now. Its my first Christmas with my boyfriend and his family and him are super Christmassy so looking forward to the family time, the laughter and dinner I’ve been missing all these years. When we get our own place I can’t wait to do it all up and give it that happy festive feel!” Vanessa’s favourite Christmas song is Don’t Let the Bells End by The Darkness, and favourite film is Bad Santa. 

Macy (Pinterest) from California, has similar traditions to us in the UK. She said “On Christmas Eve we go to my aunts house with all of our family for dinner and a gift exchange. We also play a gift exchange game where you bring a present and draw a number. When it gets to your number you pick a present from a pile or you can steal a present from someone else who has already opened their present. On Christmas Day my grandparents and my dad come over in the morning for a huge breakfast that my grandma and grandpa make, while my sister and I open our presents. Later that night my other aunt and my cousins come over dinner, and the day after Christmas we go to my grandparents house for leftovers with my grandmas sister and her husband. It’s quite a family affair!” Her favourite Christmas film is The Grinch and her favourite Christmas film is Jingle Bell Rock. 

Vanessa (Twitter/Instagram), from Liverpool, has a lot of traditions. She said “Our traditions start on Christmas Eve. Around 5/6pm we leave for church we get there an hour early as it’s the busiest day for mass, after that we get home and our mum gives us our christmas eve pjs and we watch polar express on the couch! On christmas morning, me and my sisters wake up around 8/8:30 and go wake up our eldest brother and parents and wait at top of stairs to all go down together! I take the living room key with me so no one can go in there, once we’ve opened all our presents off eachother and off our mum & dad we get ready to leave for my grandad & uncles house to see them any auntie and her kids will go there too. We stay there till about 1/2pm before leaving to go back to ours where my dad is cooking the roast dinner. We don’t do anything rest of day until boxing day when we go to my cousins house to see him and his 2 kids and wife, my auntie and uncle will go to his too and we all just have a picky meal of christmas goodies and give each other presents and play games.” Her favourite Christmas song is I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day and her favourite Christmas Film is Arthur Christmas. 

As for myself, my favourite Christmas film is A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, and my favourite Christmas song is Stop The Cavalry. I’m from Caerphilly, South Wales, and my traditions start on Christmas Eve. My best friends and I go to our local pub for a few drinks, which is great fun as we see everyone we went to school with and it tends to be one big catch up. I then go home, have new pyjamas from my Mother and go to bed. Me and my boyfriend exchange our gifts at midnight, just because we usually can’t wait until the morning. Then my Mam will usually call us down, where we will open our presents and have breakfast. My sister then comes over with her boyfriend and my niece and we open more presents. We have our Christmas dinner We then go up my dads in the evening, open more presents and have a buffet style tea. On Boxing Day, we visit all the relatives which is a really long day! 

It’s fair to say that all of our Christmas traditions are centred around family and food! It’s interesting that even though we are all from different places, the same values still shine through for us all. I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part! All pictures were found on Pinterest. 

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6 thoughts on “As told by bloggers: Christmas traditions 

  1. this is a different and cute post, it’s so lovely to read what everyone’s traditions are and as you say even if we’re all from different places they all seem similar! it really is the time to spend with family, this has got me in such a christmas mood

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  3. It’s so interesting hearing other’s Christmas traditions. We love our stocking stuffers too! My family traditions include cutting our tree down….all taking a wack until it falls (just to make it harder we do this in the dark). We have Christmas spirit day when we head downtown for the Christmas village & Macys light show. Christmas Eve is reserved for a huge extended family get together. Christmas Day is for our immediate family only, wake up at 3am, open gifts, empty stockings, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Back to bed until we wake up and play with whatever gadgets we got that year without ever leaving the house.
    Philadelphia, Pa

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