A year in review: 2016

2016 was one crazy year. With the amount of celebrity deaths (Alan Rickman’s death hit me hardest; RIP professor Snape) , mass shootings and other terrible things that happened, it’s easy to believe that 2016 was an awful year. In the grand scheme of things, it really wasn’t great. But for me, being just one cheerio in the cereal bowl of life, 2016 was a great year. I achieved a lot, and it was for me the year of ‘like, realising stuff’. 

In 2016, I: 

  • Graduated university with a 2:1 (which was the grade I wanted!) 

  • Quit a job I had been at for 5 years, one that I really didn’t enjoy anymore 
  • Made a real, proper effort with my blog 
  • Got a job with an amazing company that has offered me great career prospects in the short time I’ve been there
  • Had my four year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend 

  • Went to Ibiza with my best friends 

  • Visited Cadbury world (and ate a massive amount of chocolate!) 
  • Spent the weekend in London with my boyfriend and had a meal at the amazing Benihana (you need to go there if you get the chance!) 
  • And last but not least… I finally took the plunge and dyed my hair ginger! 

Big or small, these things made 2016 a really great year for me! I wanted to share the positivity, and put things into perspective to show; 2016 wasn’t all that bad! 

This year I also realised that things take time. If I want my blog to be successful and if I want to have a great career, I need to keep grinding – nothing happens overnight. This was a massive learning curve for me, as I am quite impatient and want the success straight away. Things that are worth doing really do take time. 

Looking forward, my goals for 2017 are: 

  • To make my blog successful 
  • To get a promotion in my job 
  • And maybe loose a bit of weight? Probably not, but it’s the thought that counts… 

What was your 2016 like? What are you goals for 2017? 

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4 thoughts on “A year in review: 2016

  1. What a fun year😅👌🤗 Congratulations on your graduation 👏 plus your hair color is 😻😻😻
    May your 2017 be filled with all kinds of emotions, happy times and travels.

  2. Sounds like you had a great 2016, I hope you have an incredible 2017!! 🙂
    I am also sooooo impatient, I always want to run before I can walk.. haha!!
    Great post sweetie.. Much love, Evie xx

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