Feeling squeaky clean: Lush haul and review

I’m obsessed with Lush. But, to be fair, who isn’t? I had a little bit of money gifted to me by my family for Christmas, so of course, I ran to Lush as quick as my little legs would carry me. 

I have sooo many bath bombs to get through at the moment, so I wanted to branch out and try some other products – mainly ones that I haven’t tried before. 

How astheticically pleasing is that photo though?! 

First, I picked up The Comforter shower cream. I’m a big fan of the Lush shower cream, my favourite being Lord of Misrule. Once I had a whiff of this stuff though, I instantly went for the biggest bottle available. The smell is absolutely incredible – it’s very similar to the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub (review here) with its deliciously fruity blackcurrent scent. The shower cream itself is an invigorating bright pink colour that stays that shade as it lathers up on your skin, which is always fun! It also haves tonnes of little shimmers inside, making it even more fun to use. 

Next, I picked up the Tea Tree Water facial toner. The main reason I was drawn to this product what the little spray nozzle on top of the bottle. I’ve tried to use toners in the past, but all the faff with cotton pads really puts me off using them. 

This product is designed for people with oily or problematic skin (hands up if that’s you!) and I find the product really soothing. The tea tree oil really does wonders for my skin. Lush says that this water also serves as an aromatherapy product as the scents are designed to calm you. I just simply spray this on my face the same way I would with a setting spray – at night and just before my make up in the morning. It definitely calms down my sensitive and problematic skin. 

Now I have had this product before and is absolutely loved it so I had to pick it up again! The Big shampoo is designed to give limp hair volume. This shampoo contains large chunks of sea salt and it definitely takes some getting used too while using it. I find that it does give my hair a little more body, but the main selling point for me is the smell. It’s so fresh and really does give me sea side, California surfer dude vibes. It leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean, and I find my hair doesn’t get as greasy as quickly while using this. Maybe it’s to do with the natural ingredients? 

Lastly, I picked up The Plumps, a solid conditioner bar. Super weird right?! This was such a strange idea to me that I had to try it. So this particular bar is meant to add volume to your hair (sense a theme running here?) as well as keeping it soft and shiny, using sea salt, cedarwood and honey. To use the bar, you simply lather it up in your hands the way you would with a bar of soap, then rub it into the ends of your hair. I’ve seen a lot of review saying that this product makes hair really stiff and sticky, but I haven’t found that. You are meant to use a small amount of the product, and I do use a small amount – I find my hair is soft and shiny BUT it has enough texture to be able to style your hair and make it interesting. It’s definitely not the most moisturising conditioner I’ve ever tried, but it isn’t bad! It’s particularly good for using just before curling your hair – it really helps the curls hold. 

Another successful Lush shopping trip! There’s no better feeling than loving every product you pick up. Have you tried any of these products? What’s your favourite? 

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9 thoughts on “Feeling squeaky clean: Lush haul and review

  1. I agree! I’m not a fan of using a cotton pad with my toner. I definitely think spray toners are better! That solid conditioner bar looks so cool! I want to try it next time I go to Lush.

  2. Oh my goodness the comfortor is my favourite bubble bar but I had no idea they made a shower cream with the same smell! I will definitely be buying that next time I go to Lush!

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