The glow up: Jeffree Star Skin Frost review 

I think everyone’s favourite make up product at the moment is highlighter. It’s a huge trend that’s taken off, and it is one of my favourite steps while doing my make up. 

Although a controversial character, I really like Jeffree Star. When he first released his Skin Frost collection, I was dying to get my hands on one of them but they were forever sold out. Because I am a spoilt princess, my amazing boyfriend got hold of a King Tut highlighter for me for Christmas. You can imagine the squeals of delight when I opened it. 

So this highlight is a golden bronze colour. It’s definitely a sheen highlight without microglitters, which what I prefer with my highlights. I’ve heard a lot of my paler gals comment that this particular shade was too dark for their skin tone, but I really didn’t find this at all. If anything, i found it added to my conplextion and gave me a healthy tanned glow. 

It is so beyond pigmented that a little bit of product really goes a long way. The highlighter is very soft and buttery and just melts into the skin – it really does give an intense, gorgeous glow. 

How amazing is that glow? You can see that is definiely is more of a golden light, which really helps liven up my super pale complexion. 

This product is also cruelty free and vegan, which is a massive tick in my books! 

If you’re a glow queen addict like me, you definitely need to invest in one of the skin frost shades. There are so many to choose from, there’s definitely something for everyone! You can get them here

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10 thoughts on “The glow up: Jeffree Star Skin Frost review 

  1. That looks great on you! I love the Skin Frosts. That would be too dark for my skin as a highlighter, this time of year anyway, but I could definitely see myself using that as a bronzer…

  2. This looks beyond gorgeous on your skin! Would it suit paler light skin tones without having to fake tan? I bought Mac skinfinish I gold deposit and it was too dark despite loving soft & gentle (even with fake tan)

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