The Burrito Battle: Wahaca 

Welcome to the first post of the burrito battle series on my blog! Throughout this series, I will be going everywhere I can to try, test and review burritos for you. Burritos are one of my favourite foods, and I’m beyond excited to get started with this series. On to the review! 

Wahaca is a Mexican street food inspired restaurant, that aims to provide fresh authentic Mexican food – as opposed to the standard nachos and cheese we’ve become accustomed too. 

There’s a lot of really interesting choices on the menu – but we’re just focusing on the burritos here! 

They have a wide range of burrito fillings and the option to ‘pimp-up’ your burrito for an extra £2. I went for the chargrilled chicken, and of course I pimped up! 

Holy mama. Look at the size of this burrito?! I got all of this food for £9.65 – this is beyond a bargain and is very reasonably priced. 

The nachos are drenched in salsa, sour cream and cheese – and the added radishes on top give an interesting twist.

The burrito itself is bursting with fresh flavours – you get a different hit with each bite. The baja cheese adds great texture to the burrito as well. This is such a fresh tasting meal, and even though it’s a lot of food you don’t feel gross afterwards because of its freshness. It has a little kick of spice which is just the perfect level for me. My only complaint is that there isn’t guacamole inside the burrio – but this wasn’t a huge issue as I just added some in myself. The chicken was smoky and this worked well with the other fresh flavours of the burrito. 

My recommendation would be to get the side of frijoles with chorizo oil – these refried beans go amazingly well with the burrito and it adds another layer of flavour. 

My overall score for Wahaca’s burrito is a solid 4.5/5. This is for the value for money, the unique fresh flavour, the amount of filling choices and the upgrade options. It would be a 5 if there was guacamole inside the burrito. 

I would definitely recommend Wahaca for my fellow burrito lovers! 

What do you guys think of this new series? 

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