Testing the trends: Too Faced Sweet Peach palette swatches and review 

If you haven’t heard of/seen the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette you must have been living under a rock. Everyone and their mums have been talking about it for what feels like forever. There is such a huge hype around this product so OBV I had to try it for myself. 

I actually picked this up on a whim – I was in my local Debenhams and saw that they had some in stock there. I know they can be quite hard to get your hands on, so I HAD to get it. 

First off, the packaging is so adorable! It’s eye catching and cute, and totally fits the Too Faced aesthetic. The smell of the shadows in this palette is amazing – it’s a very sweet peach scent that reminds me of peach schnapps… anyone else? 

One of my favourite things about this palette is that it has such a wide range of shades, making it so versatile. You can get a super cute day time look out of this, and a super dark night out look – as well as everything in between. 

Bottom – top: white peach, nectar, peaches ‘n’ cream, luscious, cobbler and georgia.  

Bottom -top: just peachy, candied peach, caramelised, bless her heart, Bellini and purée.

Bottom – top: tempting, Peach pit, summer yum, charmed I’m sure, delectable and talk derby to me. 

As you can see from the swatches, the shades are super pigmented. You get a perfect balance of mattes, shimmers and glitters which I love. You can create a whole look using just this palette which is definitely a plus for me. Some of my favourites are just peachy, bless her heart and summer yum. I think they’re really unique shades that I haven’t really seen elsewhere. 

The shadows themselves are just what you’d expect from Too Faced. Buttery and easy to blend, minimal fall out and amazing pigmentation. 

Here are two looks I created with the palette, to demonstrate its diversity. 

Super cute daytime peach, to…

Super smoky night time grunge! 

Overall, I am absolutely in love with this palette. I knew I’d love because of how much I love Too Faced chocolate bar palette – but I was blow away but how versatile this palette is. If you get the chance to pick up this palette you definitely should! 

What do you think of this palette? 

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12 thoughts on “Testing the trends: Too Faced Sweet Peach palette swatches and review 

  1. Too Faced packaging is so amazing! You’re so pretty!! I love the idea of the pallet but I feel like Too Faced releases a lot of similar palettes which is why I keep thinking twice about picking it up! You’ve got to give me your secret on your perfect winged liner 😭

  2. I’ve been tempted to get this palette, specially since I have a couple of Debenhams vouchers! The only thing thats putting me off is the lack of peachy shades. The shade Bellini looks so nice though xxx

  3. I absolutely loved this review, it was so detailed and full of information! I’ve been tempted by this palette for so long but might take the plunge and treat myself to it now. I hope you’ve had a lovely day, great post as always xx

  4. I love the two looks you created with this palette! Ive been wanting the peach palette since it launched but I havent gotten it yet. Im waitingto see if there will be other palette launches for the spring before I take the plunge.

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