Little treats: NYX haul 

Recently, I visited my local boots and fell and picked up some NYX products. It was a total accident. I swear. 

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just wandering around to find what caught my eye. 

I ended up grabbing these three little beauties! The great thing about NYX is, because it’s so adorable, you can ‘accidentally fall’ and pick up some products without breaking the bank. 

First up, I picked up HD finishing powder in banana. It’s super silky and smooth, and gives a subtle blue to the skin. It’s a brightening yellow shade, do I use it to set my undereyes, and the centre of my face to add some glow and dimention. It has the right amount of pigment, and blends so well with my regular face powder. Win! 

Next, I picked up the prismatic eyeshadow in the shade FrostBite. This is a white eyeshadow with a brilliant fine blue glitter. It looks almost holographic, and is so stunning used as an inner corner and brow bone highlight! It’s not the most pigmented shadow I’ve ever used, but using a damp brush really helps. And for the price, who can really complain? 

And finally, I picked up the lip lingerie in Ruffle Trim. I highly rate NYX lip products, I think they’re the best products the brand make. I’m obsessed with nude/brown shades at the moment, so the lip lingerie line really appeals to me. I was drawn to this colour as it’s more of a warm brick brown shade, which is completely unlike anything I currently own. The product is long lasting and comfortable on the lips, but as with any liquid lipstick, it does feel dry after a few hours. 

Here’s some swatches! 

Overall, I’m super happy with the purchases I made. NYX is such a great brand and I’m so glad it’s easily accessible to us in the UK now! What do you think of NYX? 

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7 thoughts on “Little treats: NYX haul 

  1. NYX lip products are my fave out of any other brand, including high end brands. I think they’re just as good of quality as high end brands, and like you said, you can’t beat the price!

  2. Nyx are definitely my favorite drugstore brand! i haven’t tried their foundations or anything though but the highlight pallet and brow products get used everyday over here. Ive been umming and ahhing over buying the banana powder but i thing i’ll give it a go xfjx

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