So kawaii: ColourPop x Hello Kitty review 

I am a huge Hello Kitty fan, and have been for as long as I can remember. I just think she’s so cute, and I really want to be her friend. 

My boyfriend, who understands my slightly insane obsession, bought me the Hello Pretty kit for Christmas. This kit has a little bit of everything from the collection, making it perfect if you’re unsure what to buy! 

The packaging is so pretty! You get the classic colourpop packaging, with a little Hello Kitty bow and ears added on the front. What’s not to like? 

As for lip products, you get an ultra matte lip in the shade Ribbon, and an ultra glossy lip in the shade KT. Both of these products are to die for, especially the liquid lip. It sits comfortably on the lips and lasts a very long time before touch ups are needed. It’s a gorgeous blue toned red, which really brings out my blue eyes. The gloss is a light gold colour with pink and gold glitters added into it. It’s very light on the lips and doesn’t at all feel sticky. I’m not a fan of lipgloss, but the quality of this product makes me want to wear it! 

Next, we have a highlighter in Yummy Cookies and a blush in Fun With Friends. The highlight is a light pearly Peach colour, with a little sprinkle of silver glitter. It’s a very buttery consistency, and almost feels like a cream highlight. It a little dark for my very pale skin, so I like to layer it and use a lighter highlighter on top to give and intense colour. The blush is gorgeous warm pink, that again is a creamy consistency. It really adds warmth to my super pale skin, and adds a lovely healthy sheen to the cheeks. 

Finally, you get three eyeshadows. All of these shadows, like the cheek products, are almost cream based. First, you get Juicy Apple, which is a very sheer gold glitter. This is super sparkly and is stunning used on top of other shadows. Next is sticker sheet, a lovely taupe brown shade. This is great for all over the lid, or just in the crease. Lastly, we have Bento Box, a sparkly gun mental grey. So perfect for creating a classic smokey eye. The shadows are all super blendable, but it does say on the website that you get the best results from using your fingers. This is fine for the cheek products, but I find it a little hard to create a perfect eye without using brushes! 

I created this look using Juicy Apple and Sticker Sheet. 

Here’s the highlight and blush. 

Overall I love this collection. I think it’s a great way to get introduced to colourpop, and my love for Hello Kitty makes it even better! You can purchase it here

What do you think of colourpop? 

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